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External Projects

External projects are BEC’s most substantial ones. They are operated with the intention of delivering worthy value to external parties as well as the club.



You’re thinking of TED Global? If yes, you’re right! We are honoured to host TEDxFTU with the consentment of the TED organization. It is among the top-notch, and most outstanding projects held by BEC annually. With the spirit of "Ideas Worth Spreading", TEDxFTU aspires to nurture a platform for open-ended discussions and new ideas sharing among the youth in the community. It comprises short, powerful talks in various fields. Going through 7 successful seasons with a great number of accomplished speakers and over a thousand of participants all across Ho Chi Minh City, TEDxFTU has brought worthy value to thousands of people who want to seek new ideas and be inspired. TEDxFTU 2021 is coming back with a familiar yet novel topic at the end of this year. Stay tuned, for a breath-taking event!    


​TEDxFTU 2020

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Have you ever thought of the scenario that one day, English lovers and English Clubs in Ho Chi Minh City will be gathered into one mutual community, dedicated to nurturing their passion for English? We bet you have. And our E-Tribe did exactly the same, or even more.

E-Tribe is an English festival with a scale of 1000 people, gathering many English clubs in Ho Chi Minh City to foster a mutual English community to cooperate and exchange experiences through vibrant and creative activities. E-Tribe desires to connect young people of different ages and from various areas in Ho Chi Minh City, who share a common interest in English, to widely encourage and spread everyone’s passion in English. In this community, attendees, partners, as well as BEC ourselves, will be connected through booths and interactive activities. Simultaneously, E-Tribe is also a playground organized with artistic performances of partners and guest artists, which eventually create a lively large-scale concert.

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E-Biz Arena


E-Biz Arena is a city-wide rhetoric contest – a real economic arena that gathers many competent contestants. This is where you will use your eloquence and debating skills to win over your opponent and conquer the judges. The event opens up an opportunity for students to learn more about presentation skills, expand their knowledge of specialized English. It helps to review their knowledge in the fields of marketing, finance, and supply chain as well as provides participants with experiences shared by prestigious judges from specialized organizations such as: Tomorrow Marketer, FTMS Global, Logistics Institute, etc.

Ielts Challenge 2017


This is where you will have the opportunity to experience a simulated IELTS exam with foreign judges who are well-experienced in marking this international English exam. In addition, BEC also organizes a completely free extra workshop so that you all can discuss with foreign teachers about effective English test-study strategies, and the "tips" you need to know in order to achieve an optimal score.

Ielts Speaking Workshop


Are you worried about your IELTS exam? Understanding this common hardship of the youngsters, BEC decided to hold this marvellous workshop. With the help of qualified speakers and a mock exam, this event will provide you with chances to experience your actual test as well as appropriate methods on how to practice efficiently.

Public Speaking Workshop


Public speaking is one of the most vital skills that are required in a university environment particularly and in future workplaces. Just like its “sibling”, this workshop aims to provide the audience with pertinent techniques on how to effectively prepare for public speaking activities as well as chances to experience and practice this skill-set on the stage.

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